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Automatic washing machine in the bottle flow and in and out of the bottle, can be divided into single-side and double-side type.
- Nov 30, 2016 -

Single-end type is in the washing machine with side access to the bottle, also known as the back and forth, this compact, conveyor belts in the machine without air travel, high utilization of thermal energy, only one operator, but easy to make Wash bottle recontamination.

Double-side-in and out of both ends of the bottle in the bottle washing machine, also known as straight-through, return with an empty schedule, the space utilization ratio is less than single-ended type, health and good reliability.

Automatic washing machine washing into soaking scrubbing, soaking Jet, Jet.

Soak Wash bottle after soaking, bottle brush with a rotary brush. General internal and external washing with brush and wash only with a rasping washing water injection two bottles of oil in this way good cleaning effect, bottle of oil is not appropriate.

Soak Spray after a few hot water or lye soaked Groove continuous immersion and spray or immersion and spray cleaning intervals. This form easy to repair, and widely used.

Jet no soaking tank, Jet cleaning, simple and low cost, but to pump more, high cost of power normally used for deformation of bottles and bottles of the different specifications of the various class. Suitable for low-capacity machines.