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Beverage machine-automatic bottle washing machine
- Nov 30, 2016 -

Classified according to the degree of mechanization hand-drinks-machine, half-mechanized beverage machinery and automatic washing machine drinks machines.

Manual and semi-mechanization is a vintage washing machine, mentioned three washing methods in general use, but is a single action, simple structure, low production capacity. Soak soak is primarily a tank, hand-operated in and out of the bottle. Simple rinsing machine feet-motor driven or both (symmetrical) rotating brushes, hand out bottles from the soaking slot, insert turning j, scrub the inside of the bottle. Empty bottle brush pressure rinse, drain bottle upside down. Hand-washing soaking Groove and bottle brush unit can be combined.

More automatic washing machine, the basic characteristic of a machine in the preceding three washing methods in one, two, or three, until the bottle is fully washed.