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High-speed beverage filling production line equipment
- Nov 30, 2016 -

Many beverage manufacturers launched new product line positioning in a 24000~36000 bottle/h high-speed line. Current domestic production of several well-known beverage machinery enterprises have been able to 36000 bottles/hour high-speed filling machine, all along, the previous rotation of more than 18000 bottles/hour automatic bottle blowing machine is totally dependent on imports, imported high speed bottle blowing machine for blow molding machine high price deters many domestic beverage business.

Bottle arranging machine PET bottles as high-speed beverage filling production line in the necessary equipment, along with the rapid growth of China's beverage industry needs are being developed rapidly. Blowing machine in recent years by air road and how filling the road, many well-known beverage company launched new product lines in recent years were used in this way, such as the nongfu spring water and fruit juice production line, robust drinking water production line, such as Xian and Feng run factories. While using the blowing machine by air road connection and filling machine has many advantages, but for high-speed beverage filling production line in terms of bottle unscrambler became first choice.