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Packing machine inverter damaged before using the notes a lot
- Nov 30, 2016 -

1, variable frequency power supply power led before you go out, do not touch the circuit board;

2, was never in the course of a Send connector, winding machine. inverter is not working check the circuit board;

3, please disassembly changing the converter internal connections or lines and parts;

4, the earthing terminal of the inverter is properly grounded, please;

5, do not pressure test the converter internal components, these vulnerable to high voltage semiconductor part is damaged;

6, there is no U,V,W AC power inverter can be connected to the output terminals;

7 CMOS integrated circuits, inverter main circuit board vulnerable to electrostatic effects and injury, do not touch the main circuit board.

8, when you transport the inverter, do not directly cover, by the inverter heat transfer, in order to prevent the cover to avoid converter to cause personal injury or damage to the inverter.

9, install the inverter in the metal, such as combustion materials. Do not install in or near the cloud material, in order to avoid fire.

10, if more than one inverter control cabinet, please add a cooling fan, keep this book in the 40 degree Celsius temperature to prevent overheating or fire.

After 11, power inverter and completely remove or load operation panel, click an image and fixed Panel, so as to avoid the Panel faults or not at all bad.

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