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The development situation of world food packaging machinery
- Nov 30, 2016 -

Still in terms of sales of food packaging, today's most common and basic packaging technology has two broad categories, namely filling and wrapping. Filling method is applicable to almost all materials and all kinds of containers. Specifically, on fluidity of liquids, powders, granular soil, mainly relies on its gravity, and necessary is supplemented by some mechanical action to complete the packaging process. Viscous stronger semifluid or larger parts, assemblies, and requires some squeeze, push, pick and place, such as coercive measures. Wrapping the methods differ, it is mainly used in structured shape, have a hard enough, and packing a tight single or combination of parts, made of flexible plastic and composite materials (some additional light trays, liners), by mechanical action of wrapping.

The past more than 10 years, the international packaging industry attaches great importance to improving the packaging machinery and packaging the General capacity of the system as a whole and functional integration, diversification of market-changing products provide a flexible means of production in a timely manner. Method based on simplified packaging and superior packaging technology's actual needs, and constantly explore, clearly accelerate its pace of innovation. Especially in concert with modern automatic machine development, gradually clear. To create diverse and universal, multi-function integrated packaging machines to the new system, you must first focus on combination and electromechanical integration problem, no doubt, this is an important development direction in the future.