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The gap between our country and the world powers(2)
- Nov 30, 2016 -

3. Poor product quality

China food and packaging machinery mainly in the product quality gap stability and reliability, the shape backward, rough appearance, components and accessories life expectancy short, short time of trouble-free operation, overhaul period is short, and most of the products are not yet set reliability standards.

4. Developing capacity

China food and packaging machinery is mainly generic, mapping, localization improvements, not research and development. We develop backward, now good enterprises to carry out "swing chart project", but there is little real use of CAD. Lack of innovation in product development, harder level. Backward means of production, most still use the obsolete equipment and processing. Not only a small number of new product development, and long development cycles. On the enterprise, often heavy enough light production and processing, research and development, innovation, unable to keep up with market demands timely delivery of products.