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Automatic Package Runtime Package With Jammed In The Rollers In Need Of Pressing The Emergency Stop Button
- Nov 30, 2016 -

Automatic packaging machine due to its simple operation, fast and packaged very suitable packing large manufacturers use every day, but the operation still needs attention:

1. If you of package with card in has Laura at, please by moving urgent stopped button, machine can custom job, will package with all pulled out, and cut broken damaged of package with port, then in accordance with of approach replaced package with from scratch wear with, then with hand pulled tight package with, by moving launched button, was pulled tight of package with will was intercept took open, package with on will active full bow frame, will can then using.

2. When you are using automatic strapping strapping finished, buzzer sound machine will prompt you only needs from head unit a roll of packing tape, you can then use.