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Buy Packaging Machine To Pay Attention To What
- Aug 07, 2017 -

  Buy packaging machine to pay attention to what

  There is no first-class hardware and equipment and first-class management, it is impossible to produce a first-class quality of products, business development and growth must be accompanied by the level of hardware and equipment to improve the procurement of domestic and international first-class equipment, especially packaging equipment to improve business products Quality, taste, image, selling point, set competitive advantage and leading product packaging market trend to seize the market opportunities have been more and more used by the strength of enterprises. How to choose the most cost-effective equipment in China's cluttered packaging machinery market. We have accumulated and summed up some experience in purchasing domestic and foreign equipment in our long-term work practice. We would like to share with our industry colleagues.

  First, the procurement of packaging machinery "three bogey"

  (A), bogey "low price chart cheap"

  No matter what kind of nature or type of packaging business at home and abroad, no one will lose money to sell the packaging equipment to you, if you lower the price, then, they make the equipment in the process of selecting low-cost parts and materials ratio The higher, as the saying goes, "buy did not sell the fine" to contain this layer of truth. Our enterprises to introduce foreign packaging equipment is the most fancy of its "level of technical equipment and stable operation quality", if not achieve these two purposes, the introduction of foreign packaging equipment is not as good as the best domestic equipment.

  Such as the domestic market popular powder packaging machinery, for the regional market sales type of business, the purchase of such models its price performance ratio is better, if the small and medium enterprises or newly established enterprises to choose powder packaging machine this product packaging type , There is no need to introduce, but also exempt from the introduction, the pain of negotiations. In the procurement of domestic and foreign packaging equipment, the price is not the first priority negotiations.

  (B), bogey "first talk about the price after the function"

  The purpose of introducing foreign packaging equipment is to improve the market competitiveness of enterprise products. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce the function of packaging equipment and the principle of realizing these functions and the hardware equipment to control these functions. It should be implemented in the technical terms of the contract And as an important part of the contract can not be separated, this part will be as equipment arrival acceptance, commissioning after acceptance, shelf life and equipment maintenance, spare parts ordering important documents, along with the complete life of the equipment process. It is necessary to understand the individual quotation and shelf life of the functional components. This will be the main reference and basis for the future purchase of spare parts, especially the quotation, shelf life and delivery date of the unit components manufactured by the packaging equipment manufacturers. Of the relevant provisions, for inspection. Only the function of the equipment first meet the purpose of the introduction, we have the real value of the price, if the cost of sacrifices to achieve the cost of procurement targets, procurement equipment is a taboo.

  (C), bogey "from the end"

  As much as possible with similar suppliers in-depth technical exchanges, to understand and master the advantages and disadvantages of different suppliers, especially the equipment and equipment level and unique. Make full use of the unique nature of the supplier, create the uncertainty of the choice of equipment, thereby increasing the competition between suppliers, and ultimately through this competition to purchase the equipment you expect performance, pay for what you think is relatively reasonable equipment prices , So as to achieve the price performance than the optimal purpose.

  Second, the procurement of packaging machinery "four ratio"

  (A) than the "technical equipment level"

  The same is the plc control, the same are man-machine interface operation, but the control of the points and the way a great difference between the equipment operation of the sex, security, stability and accuracy, sensitivity will be qualitative difference, of course, equipment manufacturing costs And the price is different.

  Only in the same technology and equipment platform for comparison, in order to reflect the high and low prices.

  (B) than "functional satisfaction"

  You want to achieve what the function of the equipment, the function of the primary and secondary, which a supplier of equipment to meet the requirements of your function, that is, compare equipment suppliers "compliance", the higher the degree of compliance, that You bought the product you most want to buy. Function is not the more the better, but the more practical to meet the requirements of the better. Some functions, especially in some of the imported equipment or some function, may be put into use from equipment to equipment decommissioning, once not used or only in the "in case" to consider, this nature of the functional configuration can actually be improved by Equipment operation and management or improve the responsibility of the operator to do, this function is a "choice", depending on the economic strength of enterprises and product safety standards to decide whether to configure.

  (C) than "after-sales service satisfaction"

  Because the packaging equipment are generally a product of the final production process, packaging equipment failure rate, downtime and maintenance of the timeliness of a direct impact on the enterprise product market supply and reputation, a direct impact on the product manufacturing costs and business benefits, so In the procurement of domestic and foreign equipment can not ignore the impact of after-sales service on the operation of the equipment, as much as possible after-sales service providers (or agents). Buy equipment is a one-time expenses, after-sales service is the daily expenses. Many companies in the procurement of domestic and foreign packaging equipment is most concerned about is how much money to buy equipment, rarely discuss and calculate the cost of after-sales service is how much, which is currently in the procurement of equipment in the widespread omissions.

  (D) than the "equipment operating costs"

  The operating costs of packaging equipment, including: energy consumption, the number of operators and quality requirements, spare parts and wearing parts of the price and replacement frequency, after-sales service engineers costs, equipment life and depreciation rate. In the fierce competition in the market today, the cost of competitive advantage has emerged, because the convergence of marketing costs, manufacturing costs may determine the level of life, so in the procurement of equipment must be compared to the level of operating costs, and procurement costs Comprehensive trade-off is the real development and survival of the enterprise responsible.