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Buy Vacuum Packing Machine Should Start From What Aspects
- Oct 13, 2017 -

Buy vacuum packing machine should start from what aspects

The rapid development of economy, the rapid development of logistics and transportation, food relying on logistics and transportation to circulation to all parts of the country, but the food transport and transportation requirements of the packaging is getting higher and higher, especially long-distance transport for the packaging put forward higher requirements. Vacuum packaging as an effective way to save has been widely used to stimulate the vacuum packing machine industry, the vigorous development of vacuum packaging is a product of a security measures, so that the vacuum packing machine is the safety of goods.

Then buy vacuum packing machine should start from what aspects?

First, the vacuum pump is the core, concerned about the quality and brand

Vacuum pump as a vacuum packing machine core components, in the choice of time to pay attention. No matter what kind of vacuum packing machine, we focus on the quality of its vacuum pump. But also concerned about the vacuum pump pumping rate, generally with cubic meters / hour, but not the bigger the better, as long as the machine can match the speed of work can be.

Second, the quality of regular manufacturers to ensure

Automatic or semi-automatic packing machine, is controlled by the electrical components, regular manufacturers of electronic components to ensure durable, stable, safe, vulnerable parts easy to buy. Otherwise easy to aging, may often go wrong.

Third, identify the stainless steel material

General formal vacuum packing machine manufacturers, the choice is high-quality stainless steel, such as 304 #, is the equipment for steel. And some small manufacturers, like to use substitutes, the thickness of the plate is relatively thin.

Fourth, choose a strong supplier

The technical capacity of the manufacturers and after-sales service capabilities to visit, generally through the telephone communication and view the official website can have a general understanding of any product is not perfect, only after-sales service timely and thoughtful manufacturers can be trusted.