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Current Status Of Packing Machinery Used In Domestic Daily Chemical Industry
- Oct 24, 2017 -

Current status of Packing Machinery used in domestic daily chemical industry

Although the domestic industry in recent years has been faster development, product types greatly increased, but some of the use of washing supplies Packing Machinery technology is not very high. In a packaging technology, washing powder filling equipment situation is not optimistic. Moreover, the domestic use of bag, filling, sealing one-stop filling line of the situation is not much, most enterprises use a single filling machine.

The use of liquid washing products, personal care products and cosmetics Packing Machinery is relatively good, whether from the production speed or product quality in the leading position. With the rapid development of domestic industry, with the continuous improvement of machinery manufacturing technology, I believe that in the coming days, more advanced day packaging equipment will play a greater role in domestic enterprises in Japan.

Two times the application of packing equipment in the field of daily chemical industry has been rising rapidly. With the intensification of competition in the industry and the merger and reorganization of some Japanese enterprises, the demand for some two times packaging equipment has increased. The application of shrinkage equipment, marking equipment, automatic packing and sealing equipment is obviously increased. This trend is inevitable, in the future time, two times packaging technology will also play a more important role in the field of daily chemical.

Demand forecast for Packing Machinery in the next few years

People's living standards continue to improve, the quality of life requirements are increasingly high, consumers of personal care products and cosmetics demand is also increasing. Now there are many consumers like small-capacity toiletries and cosmetics, this makes whether the washing supplies, personal care products or cosmetics field of production enterprises are very concerned about the accuracy of product measurement, because these products are relatively small doses, the measurement is not accurate will produce a larger deviation, and some cosmetics value is very high, Accurate measurement will save a lot of production costs for enterprises. Market demand determines that in the next few years, the precise measurement of Packing Machinery will be more favored by enterprises.

And because the current industry competition is very fierce, many small enterprises have been squeezed down, leading to some large enterprises through the merger and reorganization of the way the enterprise scale more and more large. In this case, efficient production can bring more benefits and competitiveness to enterprises. The trend of industry development is bound to lead to the increasing demand for high-speed and high automation equipment by daily-chemical enterprises. In the next few years, even move, supporting the production line will be more favored by the Japanese enterprises.