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Determine The Function And Application Range Of Cement Packing Machine
- Oct 31, 2017 -

To determine the function and application of cement packing machine, we should pay attention to the following two questions:

Reliability Under normal circumstances, the function increases the packaging operation links also increase, the probability of occurrence of the fault also increases accordingly. Therefore, only in the single-function packing machine operation are quite stable and reliable circumstances, to consider them into a multi-functional cement packing machine. Otherwise, due to increased failure will reduce the efficiency.

Adaptability Any application of cement packing machine is limited, the more the function of the machine, the structure will be more complex. Therefore, the multi-functional cement packing machine is often designed in the form of a combination, that is to say according to the different needs of users to flexibly increase or decrease some of the components.

Cement packing machine selection station based on:

1) according to the number of packaging implementing agencies

If the packaging process is relatively simple, the required implementation of the agency is relatively small, may consider the use of single-station packing machine. This can save the main delivery system, such as wrapped _ filling, capping, labeling and so on.

When the packaging process is more complex need more implementing agencies, should use multi-station packing machine. There are many stations, the implementing agencies scattered easy to arrange; some packaging operations can be completed in the process of translocation, can save some of the implementing agencies, such as wrapping, forming a filling a seal will belong to this type.

Some packaging process is quite complex, secluded to a lot of implementing agencies, in this case to give priority to the use of multi-station packing machine, bag holding tea bags is a typical example.

2) Select according to the level of productivity

Multi-station packing machine will be scattered in different packaging operations at the same time, the higher the productivity. In contrast, the productivity of single-station packing machines is low.