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Electric Driven Auger Valve Bag Cement Packing Machine
- Jan 17, 2017 -

Electric Driven Auger Valve Bag Cement Packing Machine is designed to bag free flowing, non clumping powders and granules into valve bags.

How Electric Driven Auger Valve Bag Cement Packing Machine Works?


1, The bagger is fed from an overhead hopper,silo or mixer containing the product to be bagged.


2, The packing cycle begins by managing a charge of material from the overhead vessel into  holding chamber of Electric Driven Auger Valve Bag Cement Packing Machine  .


3, The filling cycle begins with the placement of bags onto the nozzle. A depression of foot switch or start button on the controls starts the filling cycle. Main feed auger, vibratory feeder, and valve auger feeder all come on together and run for flood fill of system.


4, Once flood fill setpoint has been achieved then slow speed filling kicks in. Main feed auger slows down after receiving signal from v.f.d, fills to pre-determined weight e.g 98% then main feed auger shuts off.


5, Vibratory feeder and valve auger continue to run together until final setpoint is achieved.Fast, accuracy filling is achieved.


6, Filling cycle is complete. In the case of Single Auger Filler replace bag and the cycle continues.