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Improve The Shrinkage Effect Of Shrink Machine
- Oct 24, 2017 -

Shrink machine after years of development, has become an indispensable equipment in the production industry. Shrink packaging is a very popular packaging, both in the supermarket or in daily life can see the shadows on the product shadows, such as disinfection tableware, beer drinks, cosmetics, honey bottles, red wine, mosquito coils, etc. The Shrink machine applications are more extensive, and now by the professional Spark Packaging Machinery Company to provide users with the following ways to improve the contraction of the shrink machine.

First, the temperature reaches the requirements. The working principle of the shrink machine is relatively simple, that is, speed and temperature match only, when the temperature is low, the product surface will appear fold. And if the temperature is high, then there will be hot film of the situation. Generally pof film can be used about 130 degrees of temperature, and PE film can generally use about 170 degrees temperature.

Second, the furnace size appropriate. Furnace size is not appropriate in two cases, one is the furnace is too large, the other is a furnace is too small. The furnace is over the General Assembly of the situation is the product to accept the temperature is relatively small, most of the heat are three, so the need to heat shrink packaging machine to a very high temperature to shrink better. And the furnace is too small will appear on the wall of the furnace wall, which was burned.

Third, shrink the film to do a good job. This situation is mainly for the case of pof film all-inclusive, when the user's products need all-inclusive, the shrink film surface must be stabbed some holes, so that the film inside the membrane when the gas can be distributed through the small holes, otherwise the gas are In the film inside, there will be film drum up the situation.

Fourth, the speed match. Users shrink the different products, different length of the furnace, the furnace temperature is different, the required delivery speed is different, this speed is not a standard value for reference, mainly in the use of customers need to test, generally after several tests , Basically there will be a better effect. The longer the furnace, the higher the temperature, the faster the speed, which requires customers according to their needs to feel.

5, the quality of the film is better, or the width of the selected film is not appropriate, the shrink film applied to the shrink film needs to meet certain requirements, if the poor quality of the shrink film, then shrink out the effect must be bad, or Fold, or will break.