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New Labelling Machinery Expert In Labelling Solutions
- Jan 07, 2017 -

Rotary wraparound labelling machines

  1. Easy to operate integrated controlled system with label counter and pre-set batch controls, keyboard and digital display.

  2. Suitable for a wide range of cylindrical labelling applications.

  3. Stepper motor: Fast and accurate labelling.

  4. Opaque label detection as standard.

  5. Pneumatically operated three roller label applicator for optimum label placement.

  6. Easily adjustable pre-dispensing and label positioning with graduated scale.

  7. Hygienic design using FDA approved materials.

  8. Small machine footprint.

Options Available:

  1. Scroll infeed spacing unit

  2. Infeed and outfeed rotary tables

  3. Hot foil or thermal transfer printing

  4. Low label warning

  5. Transparent label sensing

  1. Acoustic warning/error lights

  2. Label presence detection 

  3. Barcode read/verification system

  4. Reject system

  5. Tri – Roller application