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Packaging Machinery Is A Reliable Guarantee For The Innovation Of The Food Industry
- Sep 27, 2017 -

  Packaging machinery is a reliable guarantee for the innovation of the food industry

  We put forward the development of key technologies and equipment are:

  (A) to soybean, corn, potato processing-based grain deep processing technology and equipment;

  China is a major producer of grain. Grain processing is to protect the people's health, the economic basis for the development of the economy, is the most traditional food processing, in the national economic development has an extremely important position and significance. Soybeans, corn, potatoes, deep processing of products, mainly soy protein, protein concentrate, protein isolate, corn starch, corn alcohol, and a variety of potato processing a starch, modified starch, crystalline starch sugar and other products, Have a very important economic significance. Improve the processing technology, the development of processing equipment, improve the level of comprehensive utilization, is to achieve value-added products, Packaging machinery farmers an important way to increase income.

  (B) fruit and vegetable processing and beverage filling production line complete sets of equipment;

  China is the world's largest producer of fruits and vegetables. The fruit and vegetable industry is one of the important industries in China's agricultural industry after China's accession to the WTO.

  However, China's deep processing of fruits and vegetables is only about 5%, from the world's deep processing rate of about 70%, but also do great efforts. The development of efficient juicing equipment, low-energy enrichment devices, mentioning equipment, and high-speed low-loss filling equipment and bottle equipment, Packaging machinery so that the localization rate of 90% or more.

  (C) dairy processing production line complete sets of equipment;

  Dairy and dairy products are the closest to the perfect food. Improve the intake of dairy products and dairy products, can significantly change the national physical fitness, is a sign of social progress and civilization. It is predicted that by 2015, China's per capita consumption of milk than now increased by about 3 times. To develop large-scale, high-efficiency technical equipment to meet the requirements of sterile filling ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization system, aseptic homogenizer, aseptic packaging machine, localization rate of more than 80%.

  (D) large-scale slaughtering, Packaging machinery comprehensive utilization and deep processing of meat complete sets of equipment;

  National Development and Reform Commission approved the deep processing of treasury bonds, more than 90% by imports of equipment and equipment. To improve production efficiency, energy conservation, improve the environment, to ensure the safety and health of meat products. The development of pneumatic suction suction gun, cutting machine, automatic opening boring machine, steaming hot scalding equipment, efficient automatic broken half unit, bone blood comprehensive utilization of equipment, and more than 300 liters vacuum chopper, vacuum rolling machine, High-speed enema machine. Localization rate to reach more than 80%.

  (5) Common technical equipment and key equipment;

  Common technology equipment is not for a certain type or a class of deep processing of agricultural products processing technology and equipment, but for a variety of agricultural products processing of the common process of processing the necessary technical equipment. Such as drying, extraction, separation, crushing, sterilization and so on. In addition, but also to adapt to the deep processing requirements, innovative level, the international advanced level of new technology, new equipment. E.g:

  a. freeze-drying drying technology and equipment: the use of freeze-drying technology or quick-frozen technology, so that deep processing of agricultural products or food products, in low temperature conditions, dehydration, quick-frozen or concentrated, in order to achieve preservation, storage, transport purposes, is widely used internationally for agricultural products Deep processing of a new technology, the domestic gap is great. Focus on research and development of more than 4 tons / hour large, energy efficient, Packaging machinery  high efficiency vacuum freeze drying equipment.

  b. supercritical extraction technology and equipment: carbon dioxide supercritical extraction technology for deep processing of agricultural waste as raw material, extract high value-added bioactive substances, improve the comprehensive utilization rate, reduce energy consumption and reduce environmental pollution. There is a certain basis for domestic, to solve the problem of improving production capacity, system components and overall support. Focus on the development of more than 200 liters of supercritical extraction equipment, blocking imports.

  c. membrane separation technology and equipment: domestic has been the foundation, to improve performance, promote the use of.

  d. ultra-fine grinding technology and equipment: focus on research and development of ultra-low technology, to solve the problem of reducing energy consumption and so on.

  e. ultra-high pressure technology and equipment: focus on research and development of ultra-high pressure sterilization technology

  3. Policy recommendations

  a. increase investment in technological innovation: the proposed National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology of deep processing of agricultural high-tech to give priority support. Packaging machinery To more than 150 sets of production lines as the focus, research and development of key sets of equipment to improve the ability of independent innovation.

  b. adjust the management system: the proposed Ministry of Agriculture led, in conjunction with the relevant industry associations, the establishment of a unified system of independent innovation, the deep processing of agricultural products and food industry gradually unified.

  c. Organization of production and research system: Packaging machinery select a number of points, the establishment of agricultural products processing of food processing and development center.