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Packing Machine The Current Situation Of Industry Development
- Sep 13, 2017 -

Simply put, the packaging machine is the product packaging machine, play a protective, beautiful role. The packaging machine is mainly divided into 2 aspects: 1. pipelined overall production packaging. 2. Product peripheral Packaging equipment.

To be in the specified time, for their own creation of the greatest benefit, we must ensure that their food packaging production line running well, in the production process will not be wrong, so as far as possible to avoid errors and the impact of failure, will be for the enterprise to obtain the greatest benefits. Automation level in the manufacturing industry continues to improve, the scope of application is expanding. Automation in the packaging machinery industry is changing the way the packaging process and packaging containers and materials processing methods. The realization of automatic control packaging system can greatly improve the production efficiency and product quality, significantly eliminate the packaging process and printing labeling errors caused by, effectively reduce the labor intensity of workers and reduce the consumption of energy and resources. The revolutionary automation changes the manufacturing methods of the packaging machinery industry and the transmission methods of its products. Design, installation of automatic control packaging system, whether from improving the packaging machinery industry product quality and production efficiency, or from the elimination of processing errors and reduce labor intensity, have shown a very clear role. Especially for food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, electronics and other industries, is crucial. Technologies for automated devices and systems engineering are being further deepened and widely used.

China vacuum Packaging Machine forming industry only in 20, the foundation is relatively weak, technical and scientific research strength is not enough, its development lags behind, in some extent, drag the food and packaging industry hind legs. Forecast to 2010, the GDP of domestic industry can reach 130 billion yuan (current price), and market demand may reach 200 billion yuan. How to catch up quickly and seize this huge market is our urgent need to solve the problem.

Development status of vacuum packaging machine industry in China

China's vacuum packaging machine started in the late 70 century, the annual output value of only 70 million or 80 million yuan, product varieties have only more than 100 kinds. In recent 5 years, the food and vacuum packaging machinery industry in the annual growth rate of 11%~12%, higher than the same period of national economic growth, sales from 1994 to 15 billion yuan to 2000 30 billion yuan, product varieties from 1994 to 270 of the development of 3700 species in 2000.

Product level on a new stage, began to appear large-scale, complete sets of the trend of automation, transmission complex, high technical content of the equipment began to appear. It can be said that our country's mechanical production has met the basic needs of the country, and began to export to Southeast Asia and third World countries, such as our 2000 years of imports and exports of US $2.737 billion, of which exports amounted to $1.29 billion, a 22.2% increase from 1999. In the export of mechanical varieties to food (dairy, pastry, meat, fruit) processing machine, oven, packaging, labeling machine, paper plastic aluminum compound cans production equipment and other machinery exports more, food machinery such as sugar, wine, beverages, vacuum packaging machines and other equipment has begun to export sets.

Development status of vacuum packaging machine in the world

Still on the sale of food packaging, today's most commonly used, the most basic packaging process methods have two categories, that is, filling and wrapping package. The filling method is almost suitable for all materials and all kinds of packaging containers. Specifically, the liquid, powder, granular body, mainly rely on their own gravity, it is necessary to be supplemented by a certain mechanical role can complete the packaging process. But for the viscous strong half fluid or larger single piece, the combination of parts, it is required to use the corresponding extrusion, push, pick and drop and other mandatory measures. As for the wrapping method is different from this, it is mainly applicable to the shape of regular, rigid and strong enough, and the requirements of the packaging of more compact pieces or components, flexible plastic and its composite materials (some additional lightweight tray, liner), with the aid of mechanical packaging.

In recent more than 10 years, the international packaging industry attaches great importance to improve packaging machinery and the entire packaging system of the general ability and multi-function integration capabilities, for the market to develop a variety of rapidly changing products to provide timely and flexible production methods. At the same time, based on the reasonable simplification of packaging and the practical needs of the advantages of packaging technology, continuous exploration, and obviously accelerate the pace of their own technological innovation. Especially with the modern automatic machine tool synchronous development echoes, gradually clear. In order to build a new system of packaging machinery with diversified, versatile and multi-functional integration, we must first focus on solving the big problems of combinatorial and electromechanical integration, which is undoubtedly an important development direction in the future.