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Packing Machine The Rapid Development Of One Of The Packaging Machinery
- Oct 20, 2017 -

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the demand for a variety of convenience foods also increased, which further stimulated the rapid development of China's food packaging industry. Vacuum packaging machine is the development of faster packaging machinery, has a broad development prospects. Nantong Tengtong Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. for how to buy vacuum packaging machines and special specifications (non-standard) type vacuum packaging machine to make a few comments. Vacuum packaging machine selection purchase Note According to the vacuum packaging machine's main structure and configuration components, a high-quality vacuum packaging machine must have the following basic conditions.

1, the selection of high-quality vacuum pump package, the vacuum pump must be able to ensure a good brand, the industry's old enterprises produced by the products, such as domestic Shanghai, Nantong well-known manufacturers brand pump, Germany "LEYBOLD", "BUSCH" brand is worthy of choice product.

2, electrical components must be used to regulate the production of low-voltage electrical products manufacturing enterprises to ensure safety, reliability, durability, because the electrical control part of the packaging machine is the brain. The whole machine control line composition, must ensure the convenience of maintenance and spare parts of the versatility, standardization, is strictly prohibited the use of the State Ministry of Electrical and Mechanical Services has been out of the old series, the old type of electrical switches and other components, such products allow manufacturers to reduce The cost, but it adds to the user trouble.

3, the whole steel structure from the material to the thickness should be able to meet the frequent use requirements, especially the vacuum chamber structure and the use of materials to meet food hygiene requirements and standard thickness, strength requirements. Usually a high-quality packaging machine, manufacturer or dealer in the sale, the vacuum chamber part of the commitment to long-term "three packs" of service, rather than six months or one year of service commitment.

4, the whole machine design to be reasonable and beautiful, and meet the mechanical and electrical products or vacuum packaging machine professional standardization requirements, with basic security, a variety of prompts should be complete and marked in the key location, the nameplate must indicate the equipment Number, date of manufacture, technical parameters and execution standards.

5, the vacuum packaging machine manufacturers are currently the implementation of the standard GB9177-88 standard, the machine model is mainly based on the type of machine design seal length (ie, heating row length) to determine, such as 400mm long heating row (packaging machine ) Called the 400 type (usually called), and so on, 500mm heating length of the packaging machine is 500 and so on. Currently on the market models are usually -400, 500, 550, 600, 700, 680, 800, etc., of course, there are many special requirements for users of non-standard models, and in the vacuum Packaging machine structure should also have other more important technical parameters, these parameters and different manufacturers, different brands of vacuum packaging machine is not the same (for example - double spacing 350mm, sealing length 400mm called the 400 machine, and double Spacing 450mm, sealing length 400mm also known as the 400 machine). Single room machine and double room machine are sealed with the length of the model. So we think that users in the choice of vacuum packaging machine, should not simply by model to select models, popular talk - because the various users of the food (packaging) are not the same, the packaging size is not the same, vacuum packaging technology (Including - liquid, solid, powder, gelatinous, semi-liquid; pickled products, meat cooked food, seafood, etc.), but should be based on the characteristics of the user's own products ), The size of the bag (including the width of the pocket, the length of the bag, the height of the bag, and the height (thickness) of the item to determine which model is suitable for that user.) The main basis for determining the model is The packaging machine sealing length, double row spacing, vacuum chamber maximum available height, the whole production efficiency level and so on.