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Rigid Container Sealing Machine
- Jun 28, 2017 -

  Rigid container sealing machine

  Rigid container is the shape of the container after the container is not easy to change the shape of the closure of the use of different forms of the lid, the commonly used sealing machine has the following.

  ① screw cap sealing machine. This kind of cover in advance to work out the internal thread, the thread has a single head or long points. If the bottle with a single head thread, canned bottles with multi-head thread. The machine is by rotating the cover, and its pressure in the container mouth.

  ② roll sealing machine. This kind of cover is made of aluminum, has no thread in advance, is rolled with aluminum roller cover, so that there are exactly the same thread with the thread shape, and the container sealed. This kind of lid in the unsealed will be along the skirt around the indentation off, and can not be restored, it is also known as "anti-theft cover." The machine is used for high-grade wine, beverage packaging.

  ③ roller edge sealing machine. It is the first cylindrical metal cover in the bottle, with a roller rolling its bottom, so that its varus deformation, buckle the mouth of the mouth and seal it. The machine is used for packaging containers such as cans.

  ④ gland sealing machine. It is specifically used for beer, soft drinks and other beverages crown cover sealing machine. The crown cover placed in the bottle, the machine under the pressure of the gland, the crown cover the ripple around the squeeze shrinkage, stuck in the neck of the neck of the bottle, causing the bottle and the bottle between the mechanical hook even, Thereby sealing the bottle.

  ⑤ pressure plug sealing machine. This kind of sealing material is made of rubber, plastic, cork and other materials with a certain elasticity of the stopper, the use of its own elastic deformation to seal the bottle. When the machine is sealed, the stopper is placed above the finish, and the sealing is carried out by pressing it into the bottle at the pressure in the vertical direction of the stopper. The plug seal can be used either as a separate seal or as a combined seal with the cap.

  ⑥ crimping machine. The machine is mainly used for the sealing of metal food cans. It uses the roller to the lid and the can body flange of the periphery, by crimping, hooking, compression to achieve sealed packaging.