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Safety Standard For Packaging Machinery And Equipment
- Jun 14, 2017 -

  Safety standard for packaging machinery and equipment

  Efficient production dominates the rapid economic development, and safe machinery to ensure a healthy and orderly production. In order to better serve customers, so that customers learn more about the safety of packaging machinery and equipment industry standards, professional packaging machinery and equipment safety industry standards for everyone to do a detailed analysis, we hope that the analysis of your safety for the production zone To help, the specific content is as follows:

  1, packaging machinery should be fixed in the obvious parts of the product signs, and specify the normal work of the machine or equipment necessary for the main technical parameters, such as: rated current and voltage, rated pressure and heat temperature.

  2, the packaging machinery on the hydraulic drive system safety requirements should be consistent with the provisions of GB3766, pneumatic system safety requirements should be consistent with GB7932 requirements.

  3, packaging machinery electrical equipment safety requirements should be consistent with the relevant provisions of GB5226 standards.

  4, packaging machinery can cause personal danger of dangerous parts must take appropriate safety measures. The relative movement of the components, such as clamping, cutting and other moving parts must ensure a safe distance between, to prevent the operator was caught or cut. Damage to the transport device should be placed in the body as much as possible. Exposure to parts that affect the safety of rotation, movement or reciprocating movement must take protective measures against it. The exposed parts or protrusions on the moving parts must be smooth or protected.

  5, mechanical operation may loose parts must have a reliable anti-loose measures.

  6, packaging machinery to be discharged waste, smoke when the smoke. Should be equipped with the appropriate device to avoid harm to the operator.

  7, the packaging machinery only requires a one-way rotation of the motor must be in the motor or in the appropriate parts to make steering mark.

  8, personnel into the work area has a greater risk, should be set in the work area safety protection device. When the protective device isolates the entire working area of the packaging machine, the hazardous parts in the work area may not be provided separately. The work area protection device should be set to ensure a safe distance.

  9, need to operate from the ground or set the whole packaging machinery, should be equipped with the requirements of the relevant standards and platform platform ladder and protective railings and other appropriate devices.

  10, the packaging machinery working mechanism should have interlock protection in order to failure in the machine or equipment to stop working.

  11, packaging machinery should generally be equipped with a safety switch, in any emergency situation, press this switch to stop, to avoid accidents.

  12, when the machine or equipment into the state of motion before the need to remind all personnel to leave the dangerous area in a timely manner, the packaging machinery should be installed on the police device.