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Sealing Machine Is A Suitable For Small Businesses And Home Use Of Heat Sealing Equipment
- Jun 28, 2017 -

  Sealing machine is a suitable for small businesses and home use of heat sealing equipment. Usually use 220V AC power, heating power of several hundred watts. The manufacturers of sealing circuit similar to the circuit, is to FR-200-type sealing machine, for example, the analysis of its circuit working principle and maintenance examples.

  First, the circuit principle

  The machine nominal heating power 350W, sealing the maximum length of 200mm. It has an operating handle, its role has two: First, Sealing machine press the handle after the pressure will be sealed plastic bags on the heating bar, the second is to press the power switch K to close. When the switch K is closed, the AC power by R1, R2 buck, diode D1 rectifier. Capacitor C1 filter, to the machine to provide power supply. The power supply by R4, VR to C2 charge. Charging early, C2 on the voltage is very small, the transistor Q was cut off the state, the collector is high, the resistance R6 and LED LED trigger triac SCR, transformer T power. The second is to supply power to the heating element RL, the plastic bag pressed on the RL is heated and sealed. When the C2 charge causes the transistor Q to turn on, the collector voltage decreases, not enough to trigger the thyristor, RL stops heating, lifts the handle, takes out the plastic bag, the sealing is finished. Handle lift, switch K off, C2 by D2 and R3 rapid discharge, for the Bu a charge to prepare. LED Tube During RL power supply, the LED is used to indicate. Sealing machine Adjust the potentiometer VR can change the length of each seal overtime, the specific adjustment range can be based on the work of the power supply voltage and sealing the thickness of the plastic test.

  Second, maintenance examples

  Common causes of failure for the transformer burned, SCR damage, such as fever fracture.

  Example 1: press the handle, the switch K closed, RL power heating non-stop, and ultimately the plastic bag sealing parts of the heating fuse; repair under the SCR, measured with a multimeter, found T1 and T2 pole has been breakdown. Replace the SCR can be repaired. The SCR is selected for 3A / 600V, such as TLC336A.

  Example 2: After pressing the handle, BL can not heat the seal. Open the shell visual inspection found that the transformer has been burned, measuring the transformer primary coil has been broken. At this time can be used secondary voltage of about 25V, the same power and the original transformer can be replaced after the replacement. The local transformer works for intermittent energization, so its power capacity is about 350W. Sealing machine If the temperature is high, or continuous use for too long, may lead to damage to the transformer, which should be used in the attention.

  Example 3: After pressing the handle, heating the heating, the heating temperature can not be adjusted. Maintenance, Sealing machine the main check potentiometer VR, VR is often turned, resulting in VR carbon film damage. With the new VR for, you can.