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Sealing Machine Type Introduction
- Sep 29, 2017 -

The sealing machine is a machine which seals the container filled with the packaging material. After the product is packed into the packaging container, it is necessary to seal the packaging container in order to keep the product sealed and keep the product quality and avoid product loss. Sealing machine to complete. General sealing machine by the rack, slow speed transmission mechanism, sealing printing agencies, transmission equipment and electrical control system and other components.

Sealing machine type

① screw cap sealing machine: This sealing machine finished the product cover in advance of the internal thread, the thread has a single head and long points. Bottle bottles with multi-head thread, canned bottles with multi-head thread. The machine is by rotating the cover, and its pressure in the container mouth.

② thread sealing machine: This sealing machine finished with aluminum cover, no thread in advance, is rolling with aluminum roller cover, so that the closure of the bottle with the thread shape exactly the same thread, the container sealed. The lid in the unsealed will be along the skirt around the indentation off, and can not be restored, it is also known as "anti-theft cover." The machine is used for high-grade wine, beverage packaging.

③ Rolling edge sealing machine: it is the first cylindrical cover in the bottle, with a roller rolling its bottom, so that its varus deformation, buckle the mouth of the mouth and seal it. The machine is used for packaging containers such as cans.

④ gland sealing machine: it is dedicated to beer, soft drinks and other beverages crown cover sealing machine. The crown cover placed in the bottle, the machine under the gland mold pressure, crown cover ripple around the squeeze shrinkage, stuck in the mouth of the neck of the flange, causing the bottle and the bottle between the mechanical hook even, Thereby sealing the bottle.

⑤ pressure sealing machine: This sealing material is made of rubber, plastic, cork and other materials with a certain elasticity of the stopper, the use of its own elastic deformation to seal the bottle. When the machine is sealed, the stopper is placed above the finish, and the sealing is carried out by pressing it into the bottle at the pressure in the vertical direction of the stopper. The plug seal can be used either as a separate seal or as a combined seal with the cap.

⑥ crimping machine: This machine is mainly used for sealing metal food cans. It uses the roller to the lid and the can body flange of the periphery, by crimping, hooking, pressing to achieve sealed packaging.

⑦ desktop automatic aluminum foil sealing machine. The machine is mainly used in medicine, pesticide, food, cosmetics, lubricants and other industries, is its ideal sealing equipment, and sealing speed, all stainless steel mold forming shell, easy to use, good sealing quality, continuous work and other characteristics, suitable for large Mass production, beautiful appearance generous.

⑧ hand-held aluminum foil sealing machine. The hand-held aluminum foil sealing machine for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, cosmetics, lubricants and other industries such as plastic glass non-metallic packaging containers of aluminum foil sealing operations. The machine is the use of electromagnetic induction heating principle, is the use of high-frequency current through the inductor coil to produce magnetic field, when the magnetic lines through the sealing aluminum foil material, the moment a large number of small eddy current, resulting in high-speed aluminum foil heat, melting composite aluminum foil Paste in the seal on the seal, to achieve the purpose of rapid sealing.

⑨ pneumatic vertical sealing machine. The pneumatic vertical sealing machine adopts vertical sealing way, which improves the working efficiency of the operator and the flatness of the sealing, and can reduce the labor intensity when overweight items. The machine structure is reasonable, stable quality, reliable performance, you can manually operate and pedal electric, simple and convenient, efficient and practical. In the chemical industry, food, food, feed and other industries are widely used

⑩ electromagnetic induction sealing machine. Electromagnetic induction sealing machine is the use of electromagnetic induction principle, the bottle on the aluminum foil instantly produce high heat, and then fused in the bottle, so that the function to seal. Sealing speed, suitable for high-volume production; all stainless steel mold forming shell, nice; easy to use, good sealing quality. continuously working. Is the medicine, pesticides, food, cosmetics, lubricants and other industries ideal sealing equipment.

According to the material application it can be divided into the following common categories

Plastic bag sealing machine, milk sealing machine, vacuum sealing machine, plastic cup sealing machine, jelly filling and sealing machine, fruit juice beverage filling and sealing machine, instant noodle sealing machine, eight treasure porridge filling and sealing machine, coffee filling and sealing machine Filling and sealing machine, duck blood filling and sealing machine, nitrogen sealing machine, small dishes vacuum sealing machine, chili sauce sealing machine, tomato sauce sealing machine, fast food box sealing machine, wide mouth sealing machine, mineral water beverage filling Cover machine, yogurt bottle filling machine and so on.