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Sealing MachineTo Avoid Product Loss
- Aug 24, 2017 -

The sealing machine is a machine that seals the container filled with the packaging. After the product is packed into the packaging container, it is necessary to seal the packaging container in order to keep the product sealed and keep the product quality and avoid product loss. Sealing machine done. General sealing machine by the rack, slow speed transmission mechanism, sealing printing agencies, transmission equipment and electrical control system and other components.

General sealing machine by the rack, slow speed transmission mechanism, sealing printing agencies, transmission equipment and electrical control system and other components.

Connected to the power supply, the agencies began to work, heating the heating element after heating, so that the upper and lower heating block heated, and through the temperature control system to adjust to the required temperature, press the wheel rotation, according to the need to cool the system began to cool, And by the speed control device to adjust to the required speed.

When the package containing the article is placed on the conveyor belt, the sealing portion of the bag is automatically fed between the two sealing bands in operation and brought into the heating zone. The heat of the heating block is transferred to the sealing portion of the bag through the sealing tape, So that the film heat and soft, and then through the cooling zone, so that the film surface temperature decreased properly, and then through the knurling wheel (or printing wheel) rolling, so that the sealing part of the upper and lower plastic film adhesion and press out the mesh pattern (or printed mark ), And then by the direction of the rubber belt and conveyor belt will be sealed out of the bag, the completion of sealing operations.

Cleaning and maintenance

Under the model skateboard, pressure bar bearings, eccentric and guide posts, rails and other transmission parts regularly add butter to ensure the use of the machine performance.

Cleaning knife knife method: first with the cotton ball will be the next mold of the two drain holes plug, the water into the mold groove, fill up so far, and then pushed into the lower mold slide in place, the pressure on the press To the lowest point, so that the knife soak for several minutes to clean up, repeated several times.

Heat sealing

Heat sealing bag is widely used in the daily product packaging, food and drug packaging and other fields. Since the bag is most likely to leak at the time of product filling, and most of the damage to the bag in the case of actual use occurs in the heat seal, the choice of suitable heat seal material and heat sealing parameters can reduce the waste of the production line Rate, and can effectively improve the overall barrier properties of the packaging.

Hot-press sealing is a way to heat the sealing material, so that it reaches the viscous state after the pressure to make it sealed, usually with hot pressing sealing device or hot pressing sealing machine to complete. Heat sealing is the implementation of thermal sealing, according to the heat seal of the structure and heating methods are different, hot and cold sealing method can be divided into: ordinary hot pressing sealing method, fuse sealing, pulse sealing, ultrasonic sealing Combined, high-frequency heat sealing, and induction heat sealing several. Thin film characteristics are different, the application of the heat sealing method is also different, such as ultrasonic sealing and high frequency heat sealing is more suitable for easy deformation of the film, but the most commonly used heat sealing method or ordinary hot sealing method. The general hot-pressing sealing method has flat heat sealing, heat sealing of the disc, belt heat sealing and sliding clip sealing several kinds of flat heat sealing application is the most popular.