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Seven Tips For Buying Packing Machinery
- Oct 31, 2017 -

1, first of all to determine their own packaging to be packaged to packaging which products. Some Packing Machinery manufacturers a wide variety of products, in the purchase of packaging machines, hope that a device can pack all of their own varieties. In fact, often dedicated machine than the compatible packaging effect is better. A packaging machine packaging varieties is best not to exceed 3-5 varieties. Also, the size of the product gap between the larger as far as possible the machine packaging.

2, cost is the first principle. At present, the quality of domestic production of packaging machines has been greatly improved than before, especially the pillow packaging machine, the proportion of exports has been a lot of imports, so the price of domestic machine can buy the quality of imported machines. Quick packing machinery company pillow packing machine. Buy only, do not buy expensive.

3, as far as possible to choose a long history of brand-name packaging machine business, quality assurance. Select the technology is mature, stable quality models, so that faster and more stable packaging, low energy consumption, low hand, low scrap rate. Packaging machine is the consumption of the machine, if the purchase of low-quality machines, in the future of daily production in the accumulation of waste packaging film, Packing Machinery decided not a small number, especially now the packaging materials rose.

4, if field visits, to focus on large areas, but also pay attention to small details, often the details of the quality of the machine. Try to take the sample test machine as much as possible. Welcome customers to carry samples to my company test machine!

5, in the after-sales service, "circle" to have a good reputation. After-sales service in a timely manner, on call, especially for food processing enterprises is particularly important. Packing Machinery Such as moon cake business only a short period of two months of production period, if the packaging machine in the production of a problem can not be resolved immediately, then the loss can be imagined.

6, peer trust packaging machine can be given priority.

7, as much as possible to buy the operation and maintenance is simple, complete accessories, automatic continuous feeding institutions, Packing Machinery which can improve the efficiency of packaging and reduce labor costs, suitable for long-term development of enterprises.