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Shrinking Machine Suitable For All Kinds Of Grotesque Product Packaging
- Oct 20, 2017 -

As people's living standards continue to improve, people treat the requirements of a variety of food is also rising, the most obvious is that we look at the appearance of the packaging requirements, in our lives, regardless of the evaluation of anything through the first impression Decided to let the items to attract people's attention, then a good appearance of packaging shrinking machine is very important.

In modern development, the packaging industry manufacturers continue to increase, packaging a variety of different types of packaging and packaging, packaging in the enterprise, energy saving, practical, green is the majority of enterprise manufacturers preferred.

The heat shrinkable machine is a kind of packaging which makes the heat shrinkable film in the state of being heated, through the radiation of the infrared ray, so that the plastic molecules are closely arranged together, so that the original area is greatly reduced and is attached to the surface of the product. Process, it is long life, stable and reliable, widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics, chemicals, daily necessities, flammable and fragile packaging, after the shrink packaging machine packaging products not only to achieve a perfect and stylish Packaging effect, more importantly, to ensure the safety of the product, at the same time will not let people worry about the damage during the transport of objects, heat shrink machine packaging stubborn, solid, suitable for all kinds of bizarre product packaging.

A variety of items through the heat shrink packaging machine packaging objects can be moisture, anti-outside collision. A wide range of use of the shrinking machine, he can be adjusted according to the state of different material packaging at any time.

Shrinkage maintenance

1, the heat shrink machine due to the power consumption is very large, so the power input power must be greater than the nominal power on the shrink brand name, or easy to burn the line or electrical components.

2, the machine must be reliably grounded to protect personal safety.

3, each machine is shipped with a cable connected to the power supply, the terminal lead part with a power supply identification symbols, must be properly connected, illegal operation may lead to electric shock.

4, when the machine voltage for the three-phase 380V power supply, you must also enter the zero line, the standard three-phase four-wire system. Otherwise the machine can not work properly, and can easily burn the internal electrical parts.

5, the machine must be installed horizontally, otherwise it will shorten the life of the electric tube. For tilted machines, the tilting installation will cause the conveyor belt to deviate from the center.

6, the machine for more than three months of continuous use, should be contaminated room temperature wire to check, according to its aging, as appropriate replacement.

7, the machine work, the operator's palm and other parts are not allowed to contact with the operation of the machine parts, especially the internal temperature of the shrink chamber is very high, it is easy to burn.

8, after the end of the packaging work, should first turn off the heating switch, so that the transmission motor and fan motor to run for about 10 minutes, and then cut off the entire power supply.