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Shrinking Machine The Use And Adjustment Of The Three Major Institutions
- Jul 11, 2017 -

  Shrinking Machine The use and adjustment of the three major institutions:

  (a), Shrinking machine temperature adjustment:

  PE shrinking machine power is generally relatively large in 20-40kw around, set the temperature is also relatively high, generally in the 180°-220° around, according to the thickness of the material, the speed of the delivery of products, the size of the air flow, temperature settings are also different, the product is not high temperature can be used low temperature, the use of thin shrink film. Shrink film thickness of the word temperature needs to be heightened, shrinking machine power also need to choose a larger. The speed of conveying products increases correspondingly, and conversely, the temperature of the air flow increases correspondingly, and conversely increases. POF, PVC shrink machine power generally in the 5-20kw, the temperature is generally set in the 140-°160° around adjustment and PE shrink machine Basic.

  (ii), conveyor belt speed adjustment:

  Most manufacturers will use inverter, electronic governor to control speed. The product long word speed must be slow, the Shrinking Machine transports to be long, the general tune to in 20m/min-60m/min if the product to the contraction effect request is very high, the proposal uses the longer shrinkage machine, uses the low temperature slow transmission to satisfy the shrinkage effect. Select a larger power model. Shrinking Machine Temperature setting high transmission speed needs to be speeded up, conversely slow down. The flow rate of air flow is slow and the reverse speed is accelerated.

  (iii) The adjustment of airflow Volume:

  General use of variable frequency speed control, motor speed. But many shrink machine does not have this function, the function strong also has the wind direction adjustment, the effective hot air blows to the product needs to shrink the position, the wind volume size to the shrinkage effect also has the influence very much, the wind volume too big contraction film instantaneous heats up, the expansion very easily causes the shrinkage after the contraction The air volume is too small for a short period of time the film does not shrink good surface will appear fish scales. Air volume and wind wheel size, angle also have relations. The higher the temperature, the lower the air volume, Shrinking Machine the larger the speed, the faster the wind volume, and vice versa.

  Therefore, the Shrinking Machine heating mechanism, hair-blowing mechanism, conveying mechanism adjustment are mutual, changing the parameters of an item will affect other parameter settings, the specific details should be based on product characteristics, shrinkage material types and thickness, capacity requirements, etc. to fine-tune the parameters to achieve a smooth and beautiful contraction surface, shrinkage, no explosion, folding, and so on.