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The Use Of Automatic Sealing Machine
- Oct 13, 2017 -

The use of automatic sealing machine

(A) wear film

a. Take the film to confirm the film winding direction, find counterclockwise direction, and put it on the film pole fixed. (Turn off the power when wearing film);

b. Note whether the adhesive film before and after the film is tightly bonded with the film, such as can not be tightly combined, sealing machine need to use the knife to cut the inside of the paper tube paper tube into the angle;

c. After wearing the film with adhesive tape will be firmly attached to the film on the receipt tube.

(B) sealing operation steps (panel operating instructions)

a. Turn on the power, turn on the power switch, the indicator light, the lower mold skateboard automatically slide out the thermostat set to the predetermined temperature, then the green heating indicator light. sealing machine When the hot plate reaches the predetermined temperature, the red thermostat indicator light (sealing machine at work, the heating device in the heating and insulation state constantly alternating, so the green and red lights are also alternately display, this is a normal phenomenon);

b. Put the plastic cup into the lower mold skateboard, press the fully automatic control switch, the lower mold skateboard automatically enter, sealing machine touch the rear stroke switch, the mold received the signal after the automatic pressure sealing, touch the next trip switch delay Press the half-automatic control switch, press the start button, press the start button, press the start button, press the start button, press the start button, press the start button Only to start a cycle;

c. In any case, press the stop button, sealing machine the lower mold skateboard is automatically out of the machine.