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Use Check That The Film Is In The Process Of Automatic Winding Machine Are Able To Avoid The Stretch Film Waste And Reduce Common Faults
- Nov 30, 2016 -

In using zhiqian, can check Xia line (including switch), equipment parts of damaged, and loose situation, do prevention Yu happens; using process in the can check winding film whether put are, so as not to caused winding film of waste; in using finished winding machine zhihou, we application habit do clean, and refueling (didn't necessary every day added of), related work, to keep equipment good of performance. addition, for winding machine started Shi, machine not moving or turntable not turned, situation, reasons may is many of, if is PLC or deceleration machine, and Device is damaged please do not disassemble the inverter part, shall promptly notify the manufacturer and contact the maintenance personnel.