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Vacuum MachineDaily Protection
- Aug 24, 2017 -

Vacuum machine is the most commonly used in the production process packaging machinery, and the high price, if the failure will certainly cause damage to the production enterprises, so that the daily protection of the vacuum machine is particularly important.

Some fragile packaging requires a food vacuum machine in an absolute vacuum environment for packaging, otherwise the product damage is immeasurable. Seasonal maintenance of the food vacuum machine is very important, if the preservation method does not cause the machine can not continue to use, it will greatly affect the production. In the food vacuum machine just bought back when it is the whole machine inspection, especially when the machine in the run-in time in the fastening, lubrication, there are flaws, so to check the maintenance.

Vacuum machine problems, in daily use should pay attention to the following:

1, the machine parts for fastening; according to the size of the packaging to adjust the size of the machine;

2, parts of the convergence of regular lubrication, the most important thing is in the season, the enterprise to re-clean the machine thoroughly, and the preservation of supporting facilities to be absolutely sealed, but also to keep the machine in a dry environment, to ensure that food vacuum machine Not by liquid and other corrosion.

3, before operating the vacuum machine must read the manual, familiar with the adjustment and use of the method, be sure to follow the instructions.

4, according to the provisions of the vacuum machine, the vacuum pump for regular maintenance, refueling (pay attention to keep the oil level), and strict attention is not allowed to reverse, so as to avoid the pump misoperation and pump reverse, the oil sprayed to the pump vacuum.

5, often check under the hot pressing frame sealing paint cloth (PTFE) on whether the foreign body, whether flat to ensure the sealing strength. Always check the machine ground is good contact to ensure safe use of electricity. Found that the food vacuum machine failure, it is timely to turn off the power, if necessary, to take emergency stop button, to be lifted after lifting the lid, and then turn off the voltage, check the cause, troubleshooting.