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Vacuum Packing Machine Industry Presents Polarization Characteristics
- Oct 13, 2017 -

Vacuum packing machine industry presents polarization characteristics

Vacuum packing machine industry has experienced many years of rapid development, more and more showing the characteristics of polarization. This feature is not only in China, foreign also is the case. Overall, the domestic vacuum packing machine industry is still in the basic stage, the product is still in extensive development, the specific performance of low technical content, low packaging efficiency, automation is not high and so on. China wants to open the foreign market, must seek a breakthrough in the imbalance, turn overtaking to catch up.

China's vacuum packing machine industry is still in the small, low efficiency stage, the number of related supporting less, the lack of high-precision and large-scale products, can not meet the market demand. Compared with the developed countries, China's vacuum packing machine industry from the product structure: product quality gap in the performance of low performance, stability and reliability, poor appearance, rough surface treatment, many components of poor quality, short life and reliable Low, affecting the overall quality of the product. From the enterprise development situation, the lack of vacuum packing machine leading enterprises, large-scale production, high-grade products, very few enterprises. From the product research and development, China also basically stay in the imitation stage, self-development capacity is weak, the lack of R & D personnel, R & D investment ratio is very low, foreign counterparts in the R & D ratio is much higher than the domestic, the gap is growing.

To make our vacuum packing machinery to the world, the key lies in the equipment updates and technical improvements, in order to stand out from the competition, have to product development, performance, quality, reliability, service and more in mind.