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Winding Machine Should Shut The Electrical Cabinets, Cleaning On A Regular Basis, Check The Device This Is The Maintenance Of The Most Important
- Nov 30, 2016 -

1, wrapping machine film chains chain lubrication between inside and outside, if the film moves up and down when there is a vibration can be eliminated by tensioning the chain.

2, when the turntable slows or skids, first turn on the turntable motor cover, loosen the four bolts on the reducer mounting plate, and then clockwise to adjust two piece bolt so that it meets the necessary tension, the machine in continuous use 10-15 chain tension should be adjusted.

3, place the packaging should be as smooth and lightly move with care, so as not to distort the chassis or shorten machine life. Goods shall not exceed the design package height, otherwise, will affect the packing effects.

4, the goods should be placed in the dial range, as a result of the goods is too large, than should be in the 100mm range, or according to the actual space of the machine operation or may damage the machine.

5, should close the electrical cabinets, cleaning on a regular basis, check the device and the electrical connections to ensure the normal use of the equipment.