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Bag-gaving Style Packing Machine

Bag-gaving Style Packing Machine

Description:The granule packing machine adopts advanced PLC and the photoelectric control system, touch screen in both Chinese and English. Can automatic measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, print production date, cutting easy tear etc. Properties depending on the type, use the measuring cup size, long electronic scales, hopper scales and so on four blanking device. The machine can be used for packing various kinds of granular objects, such as: sugar, salt, spices, coffee, instant drink, desiccant, laundry detergent, etc.; Items or larger particles, such as tablets, capsules, candy, agricultural products, etc.; Or bar, sheet, block items, and puffed food, such as: crispy rice, potato chips, French fries, etc.

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Features 1. Before charging automatically open mouth sealed chain;

2.adjustable operation system.3. Effective work requirement: bag not   less than 130 mm wide; Bag of lip not less than 30 mm.

Bag size length 0-170 mm width 0 to 100 mm 
  Packing speed: 5-60 bags/min 
  Control + PLC :control system in both Chinese   and English touch screen 
  Gas source: 0.3 CBM/min, 0.65 Mpa 
  Power: 1.5 kw 50 hz ac 380 v 3 phase Chassis 
  Appearance of stainless steel plate 
  Quantity is 175 kg 
  Dimensions:L700* W700 *H1200 mm